Trifocal Sight, or gaze with three focal points, signifies the neurotic, unstable gaze or contemporary humans and also a metaphoric type of disorder caused by the multiple, simultaneous processing of close range, middle, and distant views. The gaze amidst chaos is waste of an act and secondary sensory process toward the complex surrounding sights.

Trifocal Sight-dimensional images undergo distortion through a gaze placed on the surrounding scenes, which is none other than the landscape of our present times defined in Sight.

As an extension of the Landscape Seen Through Red Eyes series, my next work will involve drawings that present a new interpretation of the images I gathered after observing my surroundings, the act of seeing aspects of contemporary society through visual perception, and the capturing of landscapes through trifocal sight

I make urban landscape into models after cutting a few thousands of topographical maps. After then, I create new landscape images by capturing them from clos range, middle, and distant views. Through my arduous, persistent labor cutting several thousands pieces of paper, each. contour becomes a two-dimensional sigh. That becomes the accumulation of natural lines, forming a natural scene in an ambiguous connection.